Friday, 9 September 2011

Autumn Greetings!

Hello again,

Here we are again on the other side of summer. I hope there have been plenty of long and lazy days at the beach and tall glasses full of ice cubes for each of you.

Creatively, my summer has been inspired by several fantastic artisan markets I’ve taken part in throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver. I’ve met so many kindred souls and fascinating people, that it’s reminded me that to follow one’s true bliss, is to be rewarded in ways unimagined.

My passion for 18th and 19th Century scientific illustrations has found it’s way into my newest paintings. I’m not sure if it’s the delicate watercolour washes, intricate line work, or the often idealized renderings of their subjects, but I have found myself returning to these images often for inspiration over the years.

Below you’ll find a birthday cake wielding octopus and a unicycle riding varied thrush. I’d love to give some profound subtext to the symbolism and metaphor behind the octopus, but really I just wanted to paint an octopus… and well, I think octopi can celebrate birthdays if they so desire.

The varied thrush, on the other hand, sprang from my pencil almost fully realized and ready to be painted. Upon much reflection, as I worked on the sketch watching it evolve, I realized the thrush captured my perspective on what it is to be alive.
varied thrush
The egg that the thrush carries, symbolizes all one’s hopes, dreams, wisdom gained, and lessons learned upon one’s journey. Each of us has his or her own metaphorical unicycle that we balance upon. Some appear to travel effortlessly through life while others surely would benefit from a sturdy pair of training wheels. But, what makes for a successful journey, as one far wiser than myself once said, "It's not how many times one falls, but how many times one gets back up again."

So, my deepest wish as we enter Autumn and a season of reflection, is that you stay astride your unicycles and cherish, honour, and polish the varied thrush’s egg entrusted to each of you.

With wishes for an abundance of inspiration, creativity, and joy.

Bright Blessings!


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