Saturday, 11 June 2011

Musing on Time & Symbols

Hello my friends,

I hope like myself, you’re enjoying this amazing sunshine. You’ll find attached, my latest offering, Tortoise and Langur’s Match. In pondering on who would inhabit my next painting, I became rather obsessed with tortoises, or land turtles if you prefer. The tortoise is THE symbol for longevity. I imagine that a creature whose lifespan is between 100 and 175 years, being the symbol for longevity is a no-brainer. But, this discovery got me thinking about what it means to be a symbol for longevity.

These musings were deepened by discovering that there is an incredible array of amulets, talismans, and renderings of the tortoise from a myriad of cultures dating back thousands of years. We humans are always in a state of movement and flux, attempting to improve or advance our race and selves while constantly feeling the constraints of time. Could it be that the reason our ancestors created talismans and amulets of creatures such as the tortoise was not only to imbibe some of their magic, but also to create reminders that we humans have so much to learn about our place in nature by simply observing our fellow inhabitants on this planet?

When sitting down to create my sketch, with these contemplations fresh in my mind, I was challenged by who would be a suitable companion for a tortoise. After much thinking, I realized the counterbalance to a tortoise is surely a monkey. I feel often like the monkey, who is busy, busy, busy, rushing about endlessly. Then moments later I am the tortoise, where everything is calm, methodical, and time is ever abundant. I think the rest of the painting tells it’s story without need of any more words from me. But, my secret wish for you (and myself as well), is that the tortoise wins more often than the langur!

I will be at several venues over the coming months and hope you’ll come by and say hello.

Bloom Market - June 19, Fort Langley (

Ivory Vintage Market - Saturday June 25, 
Surrey (

Robson Square Artisan Market - July 2 & 3, Vancouver (

I wish you all a beautiful and sunny summer with endless days full of laughter, inspiration, and magic.

Bright Blessings!


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